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A new reading lamp and two new tablets are now on the production lines from the maker of the Kindle. Amazon celebrates the arrival of autumn with no less than three new additions to their line of mobile reading products.

The web giant further continues its efforts to establish itself as a leader in the growing market for e-readers. Amazon presents its new and improved Kindle, designed to be even more autonomous and fast. This is the new thing: it is also equipped with a touch screen.

Beyond just the fancy, new hardware, Amazon’s newest device is complemented by new features that will be available soon through an update of the system. The first is a welcome new tool for parents. It is an app called FreeTime and it will create and maintain different user profiles for parents and children on the same device. Parents can then use a reporting tool to monitor reading progress of their children. But the next software update will also allow Amazon to incorporate a tool to assist the learning of the English language: WordWise.

Beyond the market for e-readers, Amazon is also trying to gain a strong position for themselves in the tablet industry with a strategy that, as always, focuses on the availability to the general public and a low production cost. Nevertheless, this does not prevent the group to present HD offers.

The new Fire HD will begin being delivered to homes around the world starting in October. Both formats will be offered in 6 inch and 7 inch screen sizes with HD screens displaying more than one million pixels. The Fire features a quad-processor and runs on OS 4 Fire Sangria. It will be available in five different colors- black, white, magenta, blue or yellow.

This offer will be completed by the proposal of yet another model higher-end tablet. Amazon has indeed Fire HDX 8.9 inches and promises a beautiful image quality. Concerning the technical specifications of the tablet, it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-processor 805 running at 2.5 GHz and runs on OS 4 Fire Sangria. The tablet connects to Wi-Fi but Amazon also offers a 4G version that is being advertised as ultra fast.

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