Roofing Robots

roofing robot

Just like other large scale industries out there, the building industry has and is still trying to come up with technological advancements that will make building jobs easier, faster and better.

One of the technologies harnessed by the construction industry lately is robotics.

Robotics have been used in factories for decades, but now the roofing industry is also taking advantage of these automatons in various jobs from the manufacturing of various roof parts to producing roofing systems on the project sites.

Robotics in roofing technology is an up and coming venture, but many who have tried it, such as one company who repairs roofs in Stratford upon Avon, can attest to the many benefits it provides. Robots are a good addition to the manufacturing world since they are consistent. They also fill the gap for industries that are suffering from shortage of skilled workers. In fact, a study has predicted that robots will take around 90% of roofing jobs in the near future.

Some Robot Superstars in the Roofing Industry

Roof rovers are one of the robots that have been making the rounds of industry chatter in the last couple of years. They are used for roofing inspections. The roof rover can navigate and examine the damage on a roof. It has high-resolution video cameras that can record videos or capture still images. It also has sensors that prevent it from falling off high places by accident. The roof rover is controlled through a tablet PC and it is brought up and down from the rood using an elevator-like system. The roof rover is especially useful for monitoring damage caused by weather disturbances such as hail.

Another well-received automaton in the roofing industry is the robotic palletizing cell. This robot has the ability to palletize roofing materials vertically in an automatic manner. The roofing materials, which are in rolls, are guaranteed to be palletized in their round forms and not flattened.

Auto-sloping robotic technology is also taking off as one of the leading robotics in roofing technology. It manufactures on-site and it ensures a perfect taper to your roof system. By giving your roof that exact taper it needs, you are guaranteed with a longer-lasting roof since drainage will not be a problem. Having pools of water on your roof for a long time does inflict damage on the roofing material, but the auto-sloping robot will make sure that won’t happen.

The installation of solar panels has also become popular for many environment-friendly home and establishment owners, and yes, robots can now install these systems for you. A rover machine carrying panels moves along a railing system where it mounts the legs with epoxy. Then it attaches the panels into place. Since there are no other materials like metal frames or bolts and nuts to be used, there is a significant reduction in material cost and labor.

Robots are here to stay and they do make a lot of things easier, even in the roofing industry. The innovation does not stop here. There are still a lot more to look forward to when it comes to robotics in roofing technology.

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