The Cloud Computing Value-added Game

cloud-computing-iconCloud Computing is expanding in use and changing at a rapid pace. For a cloud solutions reseller like Cloudstrides in the UK, the challenge is increasingly about staying ahead of development and being able to offer the latest in services and technology. Sometimes it means being able to purchase cloud computing services from a provider and then reselling it to their own customers.

The cloud solutions reseller can sell a wide variety of cloud services like infrastructure, storage, software etc. They buy products such as software licenses, server stacks, cloud storage etc., and then sell it again to their existing or new customers by adding an additional mark-up. They also have the option of rebranding the cloud products and services as their own if they fall within the white label reselling program.

Their main function lists as to offer a value add to the existing service after they integrate and/or complement by offering added functionality or value. For example, a reseller may add a photo editing software with the storage service offered by the cloud service provider that makes the total package more attractive and valuable for the customer.

Cloud Computing: Changing the Face of Customer Expectations

Cloud applications are becoming popular for enterprises as one of the most important applications in their digital infrastructure. With growing demand and increasing competition, thanks to reseller programs, the relationship that these service providers have with their clients have undergone a paradigm shift. It is not just about post sale service that makes the cut. It is about providing a 24×7 co-dependent relationship where the service provider is available to help them all day long, each day of the year. Cloud consumers now expect that their providers will have impeccable data centers running at its best potential, at all times.

Why Should One Become a Reseller?

Becoming a cloud reseller gives you an opportunity to capitalize on this emerging trend without actually owning your own product. You will be able to offer all the benefits of cloud computing services to your existing clients without actually spending for the development cost and that of the infrastructure. You can also:

  • ┬áMake additional revenue monthly: the rapid growth of cloud computing gives your business an opportunity to not only grow, but also generate recurring income. You can either resell the original products or rebrand them as your own.
  • Add more to your product line: the channel partners of the cloud computing service provider can offer software licensing, business continuity, white label cloud infrastructure, online backup etc.
  • Give exceptional service quality and products: You can choose a company you would like to partner with or rebrand the cloud services as your own. You will always be the first line of contact for your customers so you can not only offer them quality products but also exceptional service.

Becoming a reseller of cloud computing solutions is one of the quickest and perhaps the safest ways to explore upcoming cloud industry.

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